This is Blackmarket ..Exploits,botnets,virus,Bank accounts.

As usual searching for some private/secret information using Google , I found some of forum where so called hackers or defacers used to trade of their private tools, virus , exploit code and many all illigal……remove i from word …huh.. just in 10$ to 800$. Why their website are still up? I don’t know why these dumb hosters didn’t check what’s going on their servers.  Just see the screenshot from one of these kind of forum..


3 Responses to “This is Blackmarket ..Exploits,botnets,virus,Bank accounts.”

  1. that’s the website, ryan1918, it’s no “blackmarket”

    if you thought so, then it’s your mistake, and it just means … you’ve not seen even half of the russian, chinese, romanian, spanish, pakistani and other boards … where this kinda activity takes place … “everyday” …

    stop showing off and fool the unsuspecting public, not hackers …

  2. ianstarkc Says:

    yes there r lots of othersites as well but y?? is it just a “show off” kinda your nasty programs? and many kid..@ss use and spread the hackers work!!

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